Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement: Pre-Op

Preparing for Your Joint Replacement Surgery

What Is Knee Replacement?

Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement (Computer-Assisted Robotic Knee Replacement)

Total Knee Replacement (Encore 3DKnee™)

Total Knee Replacement (Wright)

Total Knee Replacement (Uncemented)

Total Knee Replacement (Mini-Incision Method)

Partial Knee Replacement (With Oxford® Implant)

Partial Knee Replacement (Robotic-Arm Assisted Method)

Revision Total Knee Replacement

Revision Total Knee Replacement (With Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy)

Patient Stories: Matt, Hip Replacement

Patient Stories: Pam, Double Hip Replacement

What Is Hip Replacement?

Total Hip Replacement

Total Hip Replacement, Anterior Approach

Computer-Assisted Hip Replacement Surgery

Total Hip Replacement, Anterior Approach (Accolade® II)

Revision Hip Surgery

Revision Hip (With Allograft)

Hemiarthroplasty (Unipolar Prosthesis)

Total Hip Replacement (Margron)

Total Hip Replacement (Minimally-Invasive Method, One Incision)

Total Hip Replacement (Minimally-Invasive Method, Two Incisions)

Total Hip Replacement (Smith & Nephew)

Total Hip Replacement (Metal on Metal)

Total Hip Replacement (Metal on Metal with Liner)

Total Hip Replacement (Ceramic on Ceramic)

Knee Surgery: Before Exercises

Hip Surgery: Before Exercises

Preparing for Your Joint Replacement Surgery

Pre-Procedure: Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement: The Role of Your Coach

Preparing Your Home for Joint Replacement Recovery

Ankle Replacement

Total Ankle Joint Replacement (Salto® Talaris)

Total Ankle Joint Replacement (Wright INBONE® II)

Total Ankle Joint Replacement (STAR™ Mobile-Bearing)

Total Shoulder Replacement

Joint Replacement: In the Hospital

Joint Replacement: Your Hospital Stay

After Your Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint Replacement: Preventing Blood Clots

Joint Replacement: Pain Management

Hip Surgery: Hip Precautions

Joint Replacement: Physical and Occupational Therapies

How to Get Out of Bed After Hip Replacement Surgery

Joint Replacement: Understanding Your Discharge Instructions

Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

Partial Knee Replacement

Joint Replacement: At Home

Knee Replacement Recovery: After Exercises

Hip Replacement Recovery: After Exercises

Joint Replacement Recovery: Incision Care

When to Call the Doctor: After Joint Replacement Surgery

Getting the Most Out of Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint Replacement Recovery: Sample Knee Exercise: Ankle Pumps

Joint Replacement Recovery: Sample Hip Exercise Routine: Standing Heel Raises

Quad Sets

Heel Slides

Short Arc Quads

Straight Leg Raises

Long Arc Quads

Seated Knee Flexion - Knee

Arm-chair Push-ups - Knee

Gluteal Sets

Keeping Your Joints Healthy

After Hip Replacement: Your Exercise Program Chart

Advanced Exercises After Knee Replacement Surgery

After Knee Replacement: At Home Exercise Program

After Knee Replacement: Your Exercise Program Chart

After Hip Replacement: Using Your Crutches or Cane