Future Planning

Advance Directives

What is a Living Will?

What is a Healthcare Power of Attorney?

Benefits of Having an Advance Directive

Your Health Checklist: Storing and Updating Your Advance Directive

Your Health Checklist: Do's and Don'ts of an Advance Directive

What Is a DNR Order?

Health Minute: Organ and Tissue Donation

Health Minute: Making Your Wishes Known

What Is a POLST?

Do-Not-Resuscitate Order (DNR Order)

Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment Form (MOST Form)

Deciding About Resuscitation

Deciding About Artificial Hydration

Deciding About Artificial Feeding

Stopping Life-Sustaining Treatments

Being a Healthcare Proxy

Advance Medical Directive

Choosing an Agent

Life Support

Understanding DNR Orders

Removing Life Support

An Agent's Role for Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care