Step-by-Step: Changing Your Baby's Diaper

Step-by-Step: Changing Your Newborn's Diaper

Step-by-Step: Giving Your Baby a Bath

Step-by-Step: Heelstick for a Baby

10 reasons skin-to-skin is good for your baby (and you!)

Going Home Basics

Leaving the Hospital with Your Newborn

The First Hours: What Happens to Your Newborn After Birth

Handling Hospital Paperwork with a New Baby

Taking Care of Mom

When to Call the Doctor: Fever

Baby tummy time

Keeping Baby Safe

Caring for Baby

Choosing a Doctor for Baby

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

Infants and Children in the Hospital

Keeping Baby Clean

How is cleft lip and palate treated?

Zika 101

Swaddling Your Baby

Bonding With Your Baby

Bathing Your Newborn Baby

Is my baby constipated?

Soothe Your Baby

Why is My Baby Crying?

Comforting Your Crying Newborn

Thumb Sucking

Umbilical hernias: why does my baby's belly button pop out?

Newborn Care: How to Take Your Newborn's Temperature

Taking Your Baby's Temperature

Caring for Your Newborn

What is cleft lip and palate?

Diapering and Dressing Your Newborn

What is infant torticollis?

Newborn Care: Common Health Concerns

A Life in Your Hands: Preventing SBS - What is Shaken Baby Syndrome?

A Life in Your Hands: Preventing SBS - Controlling Your Emotions

What is rooming-in, and why should you do it?

Circumcision: What You Need to Know

Circumcision (Male, Newborn)

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Coronavirus and Babies

Newborn Skin Care

Diaper Rash

Sun Protection for Newborns and Infants

Treating Newborn Eczema

Diaper Rash and Your Newborn

Jaundice and Your Newborn


Massaging Baby's Stress Away

Portrait of Promise

Your Baby's Oral Health

Eye Color

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay (Early Childhood Caries)

Scheduling Well Baby Visits

What Your Newborn Sees and Hears

A Life in Your Hands: Preventing SBS - Effective Tips to Soothe Your Baby

Baby's first bath

My newborn is bleeding from the umbilical cord. What should I do?

The skin-to-skin trick to soothe your newborn

Caring for your Preemie

Building a Healthy Support Network

Well-Baby Checkup: Newborn

Well-Baby Checkup: Up to 1 Month

Well-Baby Checkup: 2 Months

Well-Baby Checkup: 4 Months

Well-Baby Checkup: 6 Months

Well-Baby Checkup: 9 Months

Bathing Your Newborn

Care After Circumcision

Coping with Colic

How to Diaper

Signs of Jaundice (Infant)

Axillary Temperature

Rectal Temperature

Umbilical Cord Care

After Delivery: When to Call the Healthcare Provider

Oral Candida Infection (Thrush) in Your Child

Discharge Instructions for Circumcision

Discharge Instructions for Newborn Jaundice

Discharge Instructions- Taking a Rectal Temperature (Child)

Discharge Instructions- Taking an Axillary Temperature (Child)

Discharge Instructions: Giving Your Newborn Liquid Vitamin Supplements

Discharge Instructions: Keeping Your Newborn Warm

Bowel Movements and Diaper Rash

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) in a Baby

Polycythemia and Hyperviscosity in the Newborn

Skin Color Changes in the Newborn

Protect Your Newborn from Cigarette Smoke

Stuffy Nose, Sneezing, and Hiccups in Newborns

Discharge Instructions: When Your Baby Cries

Discharge Instructions: When Your Baby Spits Up or Vomits

Step-by-Step: Laying Your Baby Down to Sleep

Step-by-Step: Changing Your Baby's Diaper

Step-by-Step: Swaddling Your Newborn

Step-by-Step: Caring for Your Newborn's Umbilical Cord

Step-by-Step: Changing Your Newborn's Diaper

Step-by-Step: Giving Your Baby a Bath

Step-by-Step: Heel Stick for an Infant

Circumcision for Children


Car Seat Safety

Preventing Infant Falls

When to Call the Doctor

Cleaning and Healthy Air


Choking Prevention Skills

Step-by-Step: Choking Rescue for a Baby (0-1 Year of Age)

Infant CPR

Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome

Newborn Care: Car Seat Safety

Safe Driving Tips for Parents

Newborn Care: Installing Your Car Seat

Mommy Don't Smoke

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Prevention

Safe Homes: Preventing Furniture Tipping Injuries

Safe Houseplants for Kids and Pets

SIDS: Safe Sleep Techniques for Your Newborn

SUID (Sudden Unexpected Infant Death)

10 Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe

Safety Tips for Bathing Your Baby

Laying Your Baby Down to Sleep

Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome




Infant Milestones & Care: 4 to 7 Months

Infant Milestones & Care: 8 to 12 Months

Baby development: Your 2 week old

Baby development: Your 3 week old

Milestones: newborn to 1 month: physical development

Milestones: newborn to 1 month: emotional development

Milestones: newborn to 1 month: cognitive development