Behavior Change

Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Setting Goals for Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Identifying Your Obstacles to Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Tips to Achieving Your Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Healthy Lifestyle Changes: SMART Goal Setting

Lifestyle Changes: Staying Motivated

Finding Support When Making Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle Changes: Mike's Story

Protecting Yourself in the Sun

Healthy Living Tips for Your Child

Self Care

Positive Self Care Management

Self-Care Strategies: Your Healthcare Team

Preparing for Doctor's Appointments

Talking to Your Doctor About Sensitive Subjects

Medication Management

Self-Care Strategies: Day to Day Management

Self-Care Strategies: Goal Setting

Self-Care Strategies: Staying Positive

Self-Care Strategies: Using Your Support Team

Learning to Manage Your Time

Learning to Speak Up for Yourself (Assertiveness)


How to Check Your Pulse

Check Your Pulse Using Your Wrist

Check Your Pulse (Neck)

How to Take Your Blood Pressure at Home

Take Your Blood Pressure

How to Take Your Temperature

Take Your Temperature (Oral)

Take Your Temperature (Ear)

Take Your Temperature (Forehead)