General Exercise

Key Components of Exercise

Cardiovascular Training

Resistance Training

Flexibility Training

Exercise: Strengthening Your Core

Exercise: Staying Motivated

Staying Motivated on Your Fitness Journey

10,000 Steps

Easy Ways to be More Active

What Exercise is Right for You?

Swim Safely

Exercising With Acute Pain

Exercising With Chronic Pain

Exercise: Take an Energy Break

Ergonomics and Activity at Your Desk

Exercises You Can do at Your Desk

Be More Active at Work

Staying Safe at Work

Exercise - Discover the Importance of Warming Up Your Body Before Exercise

Exercise and Leg Circulation



Tai Chi

Exercise and Nutrition - Find out about the best exercise to burn calories

How to Start Exercising

Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Physical Activity

The Benefits of Nature Walks and Hikes

What's in an Exercise Program?

Exercise After Knee Replacement Surgery

Hand and Wrist Exercises: Finger Grip and Release

Foot and Ankle Exercises: Ankle Circles

Exercises for Shoulder Flexibility: Pendulum Exercise

Shoulder Exercises: Wall Pushup

Increasing Your Knee's Range of Motion

Exercise: Why Fitness Matters

Exercise: Making the Most of Your Time

Exercise: Adding Intensity

Exercise: Measuring Your Pace

Walking for Fitness

A Sample Walking Program

Upper Body Strengthening After Amputation

Lower Body Strengthening After Amputation

Individual Exercises

Your Exercise Routine: Side Squats

Your Exercise Routine: Abdominal Crunches

Your Exercise Routine: Wall Push-Ups

Your Exercise Routine: Angled Push-Ups

Your Exercise Routine: Standing Row

Your Exercise Routine: Band Chest Press

Your Exercise Routine: Side Shoulder Raise

Your Exercise Routine: Overhead Shoulder Press

Your Exercise Routine: Standing Bicep Curl

Your Exercise Routine: Bridges

Your Exercise Routine: Tricep Kickback/Extension

Your Exercise Routine: Bent Over Row

Your Exercise Routine: Chair Crunch

Your Exercise Routine: Seated Leg Curls

Your Exercise Routine: Seated Leg Extensions

Your Exercise Routine: Lat Pull Down

Your Exercise Routine: Seated Row

Your Exercise Routine: Seated Chest Press

Your Exercise Routine: Standing Tricep Extension

Your Exercise Routine: Leg Press

Strength Training

Quad Set for Leg and Knee

Leg and Knee Exercises: Leg Lunge

Leg and Knee Exercises: Step-Ups

Reaching Up for Shoulder Flexibility

Exercises for Shoulder Flexibility: Internal Rotation

Exercises for Shoulder Flexibility: Broom Stretch

Leg Muscle Stretches: Knee Flexion

Leg and Knee Exercises: Hip Pulls

Exercises to Increase Agility: Figure 8s

Chest Exercises

Upper Body Exercises: Front Raise

Upper Body Exercises: Upright Row

Back Exercises: Back Press

Back Exercises: Back Extension with Elbow Press

Back Exercises: Lower Back Rotation

Back Exercises: Pelvic Tilt

Back Exercises: Seated Rotation

Back Exercises: Side Stretch

ACL Rehabilitation: Stationary Bike

Wall Squats for ACL Healing

Hamstring Curl for ACL Healing

Activity and ACL Rehabilitation

Post-Hip Replacement: Ankle Pumps, Quad Sets, Gluteal Sets

Post-Hip Replacement: Heel Slides, Abduction, Adduction

Neck Exercises: Head Lifts

Neck Exercises: Neck Flex

Back Exercises- Neck and Torso Rotation

Shoulder Clock Exercise

Lower Body Exercises: Calf Stretch

Pendulum Exercise for Use with Shoulder Repair Surgeries

Knee Rehabilitation: Free Squat

Knee Rehabilitation: Heel Raise

ACL Rehabilitation: Straight Leg Raises

Back Exercises: Abdominal Lift

Back Exercises: Back Release

Back Exercises: Arm Reach

Back Exercises: Hip Rotator Stretch

Back Exercises: Knee Lift

Back Exercises: Leg Pull

Back Exercises: Leg Reach

Back Exercises: Lower Back Stretch

Back Exercises: Partial Curl-Ups

Exercises for Shoulder Flexibility: Adduction (Reaching Across)

Exercises for Shoulder Flexibility: Back Scratch

Exercises for Shoulder Flexibility: External Rotation

Exercises for Shoulder Flexibility: Wall Walk

Bent-Knee Calf Stretch

Foot and Ankle Exercises: Single-Leg Heel Raise

Hand and Wrist Mobility Exercises- Wrist Rotations

Hand and Wrist Exercises: Wrist Flexion

Lying Hamstring Curl

Leg and Knee Exercises: Heel Raise

Leg and Knee Exercises: Leg Press

Hamstring Stretch (with Towel)

Seated Hamstring Stretch

Lower Body Exercises- Thigh (Quad) Stretch

Wall Squats

Quadruped Arm-Reach Exercise

Shoulder Shrug Exercise

Shoulder Squeeze Exercise

Neck Exercises: Active Neck Rotation

Neck Exercises- Overhead Arm Raise

Neck Exercises: Neck Isometrics

Neck Exercises- Neck Rotation

Exercises to Increase Agility- Grapevine (Cross) Steps

Exercises to Increase Agility: Short Sprints

Exercises to Increase Agility: Side Steps

Arm Exercises- Biceps Curl

Shoulder Exercises: Shoulder Press

Shoulder Exercises: Side Raise

Shoulder and Arm Exercises- Elbow Extension-Triceps Press

Upper Body Exercises: Chest Press

Calf Raise (Strength)

Hamstring Stretch (Flexibility)

Elbow Extension (Flexibility)

Shoulder Flexion (Flexibility)

Text in English and Español

Head Tilt / Upper Trapezius Stretch (Flexibility)

Supine Hamstring Stretch

Ankle Alphabet (Flexibility)

Straight Leg Raise

Standing Scapular Pinch

Lumbar Extension (Flexibility)

Gastrocnemius Stretch (Flexibility)

Text in English and Español

Wrist Flexion (Flexibility)

Single Leg Balance

Text in English and Español

Hip Adduction (Strength)

Soleus Stretch (Flexibility)

Hip Abduction (Strength)

Pelvic Tilt (Strength)

Hip Rotation (Flexibility)

Pendulum (Flexibility)

Lumbar Rotation

Wrist Extension (Flexibility)

Text in English and Español

Doorway Pectoral Stretch (Flexibility)

Iliotibial Band Stretch (Flexibility)

Wrist Pronation (Flexibility)

Shoulder Abduction, Isotonic (Strength)

Ankle Dorsiflexion (Strength)

Chin Tuck (Posture and Strength)

Text in English and Español

Ankle Dorsiflexion/Plantarflexion (Flexibility)

Text in English and Español

Ankle Inversion (Strength)

Prone Multifidus Activation (Strength)

Shoulder Internal Rotation (Strength)

Hip Abduction, Quadruped (Strength)

Toe Extension (Flexibility)

Shoulder Abduction (Strength)

Arch Retraining

Dorsiflexion/Plantarflexion (Flexibility)

Elbow Flexion (Strength)

External Rotation, Shoulder (Flexibility)

External Rotation, Shoulder, Side-Lying (Strength)

External Rotation, Shoulder, Isometric (Strength)

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Glide (Flexibility)

Hamstring Curl (Strength)

Text in English and Español

Heel Slides

Hip Abduction with External Rotation (Strength)

Hip Adductor Stretch (Flexibility)

Hip Bridge (Strength)

Hip Flexor Stretch (Flexibility)

Internal Rotation, Shoulder, Isometric (Strength)

Quadriceps, Isometric (Strength)

Lumbar Flexion (Flexibility)

Lumbar Stretch (Flexibility)

Neck Clock (Flexibility)

Plantar Flexion (Strength)

Wrist Pronation (Strength)

Prone Hip Extension

Quadriceps, Short Arcs (Strength)

Radial Deviation (Strength)

Shoulder Abduction (Flexibility)

Side-Lying Hip Abduction (Strength)

Standing External Rotation (Strength)

Text in English and Español

Wrist Supination (Flexibility)

Wrist Supination (Strength)

Ulnar Deviation (Strength)

Wrist Extension (Strength)

Wrist Flexion (Strength)

Quadriceps Stretch (Flexibility)

Shoulder Flexion (Strength)

Understanding Strength Training

Shoulder, Upper Back, and Arm Exercise- Overhead Arm Stretch