Smoking & Tobacco Use


Creating a Quit Tobacco Plan

Identifying Your Reasons to Quit

Patient Stories: Asad's Journey to Quit Smoking

Patient Stories: Leta's Plan to Quit Smoking

Discovering Your Triggers

Preparing for Nicotine Withdrawal

Products that Can Help with Withdrawal

Electronic Cigarettes (E-Cigs; Vaping)

Using Combination Therapy for Tobacco Cessation

Patient Stories: Rocky's Journey to Quit Smoking

Addressing Your Habit and Behaviors

Preparing to Quit

Understanding Nicotine Pre-loading

Setting Your Quit Date

Using a Nicotine Patch

Using Nicotine Gum

Using Nicotine Lozenges

Using a Nicotine Inhaler

Quitting Smoking: Using Nicotine Spray

Quit Tips

Secondhand Smoke

Patient Stories: Dani's Journey to Stop Smoking