Dilation and Curettage (D and C)

Gynecologic Laparoscopy

Labiaplasty (Labia Minora Reduction)

Pap Test (Pap Smear)


Endometrial Biopsy

Endometrial Ablation

Cone Biopsy


Tubal Sterilization Surgery

Treating Endometriosis

Pelvic Laparoscopy


Dilation and Curettage

Pelvic Ultrasound

Cervical Cryotherapy

Pelvic Organ Prolapse: After Surgery

Pelvic Organ Prolapse: Nonsurgical Treatment

Pelvic Organ Prolapse: Surgery for Cystocele

Pelvic Organ Prolapse: Surgery for Incontinence

Pelvic Organ Prolapse: Surgery for Rectocele and Enterocele

Pelvic Organ Prolapse: Surgery for Uterine Prolapse

Pelvic Organ Prolapse: Surgery for Vaginal Vault Prolapse

After a Cone Biopsy

Common Laparoscopic Procedures in Women

Transvaginal Ultrasound (Endovaginal Ultrasound)

Your Laparoscopic Tubal Sterilization Procedure

What Is Laparoscopic Tubal Sterilization?

Treating Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) with Medicines

Discharge Instructions for Dilation and Curettage (D and C)

Discharge Instructions for Laparoscopic Treatment of Endometriosis

Discharge Instruction for Laparoscopic Fallopian Tube Ligation

Discharge Instructions for Oophorectomy

Reasons for Pelvic Laparoscopy

Understanding Robotic-Assisted Sacrocolpopexy (RASC)

Understanding Sonohysterography (Uterine Ultrasound)

Having Robotic-Assisted Sacrocolpopexy (RASC)

Having Uterine Ultrasound (Sonohysterography)

Understanding Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy

Understanding Laparoscopic Surgery for Ovarian Torsion

Understanding Ovarian Cystectomy

Understanding Unilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy

Understanding Endocervical Curettage

Ovarian Health

Ovarian Cystectomy (Laparoscopic)

Ovarian Cysts

Treating a Ruptured Ovarian Cyst

Understanding Ovarian Cysts

Understanding Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (POI)

Treatment for Ovarian Cysts

Treatment for Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (POI)

Vaginal Health

da Vinci® Sacrocolpopexy for Vaginal Vault Prolapse

Vaginal Prolapse

Preventing Vaginitis

Pap Test

When You Have an Abnormal Pap Test

The Range of Pap Test Results

Vaginal Infection: Understanding the Vaginal Environment

Vaginal Infection: Bacterial Vaginosis

Vaginal Infection: Yeast (Candidiasis)

Vaginal Infection: Trichomoniasis

Preventing Vaginal Infection

Why Have a Pap Test?

Vaginoplasty: Surgery and After Care

Vulvoplasty: Surgery and After Care



What Are Fibroids?

Understanding the Normal Menstrual Cycle

How to Put on a Condom

What Is Endometriosis?

Birth Control Choices

What Is Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)?

Understanding Uterine Bleeding

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Sleep and Women: Life Stages

Sleep and Women

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Understanding Conception

How Birth Control Works

Understanding PMS and Your Cycle

PMS: Tracking Your Symptoms

Managing PMS: Diet and Nutrition

Managing PMS: Lifestyle Changes

Complications of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

Talking About Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome

Understanding Bartholin Cyst and Abscess