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Ambulatory Care
Navigating Outpatient Care
Learn about common medical tests, staying safe, tips for avoiding urgent care, viral bronchitis, concussions, and pain management.
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Heart Health
Learn about heart and vascular problems, heart disease, cardiac procedures, and recovery.
This educational resource, developed in partnership with American Heart Association / American Stroke Association and The Wellness Network, is aimed at empowering heart and stroke patients to live healthier, longer lives.
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Diabetes Management
Learn about managing diabetes, medications, exercise, nutrition, and preventing complications.
This library includes resources co-developed and/or reviewed by Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists.
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Digestive Health
Learn about colonoscopy, endoscopy, and ostomy care.
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Usage, Benefits and Side Effects
Learn about medications, including proper usage, expected benefits and potential side effects.
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Mental & Emotional Health
Anxiety, Addiction, Stress & Depression
Learn about managing emotional health, illness, insomnia, coping with addiction, stress, depression, and anxiety.
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Stroke & Nervous System Conditions
Learn more about stroke, Alzheimer's, and other neurological disorders.
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Cancer Types, Treatments & Management
Learn about diagnosis, types, treatments, and management of cancer.
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Bone, Joint & Muscle Care
Learn about joint and bone health, chronic joint diseases, and joint replacement surgery.
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Palliative & Advance Care Planning
Tips for Managing a Serious Illness
Learn about managing a serious illness, physical and emotional comfort, chronic pain management, and advance directives.
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Prenatal & Maternity
Pregnancy, Newborn & Postpartum Care
Learn about pregnancy, delivery and newborn care, feeding, and safety.
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Lung & Respiratory Health
Learn about lung conditions, asthma, COPD, pneumonia, and other lung related diseases.
Programming in this library, created or reviewed by American Lung Association, is aimed at supporting lung health.
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Quality of Care
Patient Safety & Infection Prevention
Learn about your rights as a patient, your role in following hospital safety guidelines, helping prevent infections and falls, and following discharge instructions.
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Nutrition, Fitness & Healthy Living
Learn about nutrition, fitness, smoking cessation, weight loss, behavior changes and healthy aging.